Armed with crosses, a documentary crew follows the lives of three bachelor roommates in What We Do in the Shadows.

Viago, Deacon and Vladislav are just normal guys trying to enjoy life, you know: going to the club, bringing ladies home, dealing with roommate issues and of course, staying out of the sunlight. Oh yeah, did we mention What We Do in the Shadows is a vampire movie?

Before you stop listening at ‘vampire’ – you really should hear this film out! Mockumentary styled What We Do in the Shadows is a perfect combination of dry observational humor, a smart screenplay and an original idea. The plot of the film is following the lives of these three wild and crazy guys but it is the way writers Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi approach the movie that distinguishes itself as exceptionally hilarious.

Having caught my attention awhile back when I first heard of the film – I knew it was a must watch for me when What We Do in the Shadows became slated for US distribution. What We Do in the Shadows is too funny for its own good. You know when something funny happens and then you go to explain it and the joke falls flat? That’s what happens if you try to describe What We Do in the Shadows – it’s one of those films that needs to be experienced to be appreciated completely. Everything about it should be foolishly absurd to the point of being off-putting – but somehow everything about it works.

The jokes are constant and refreshingly smart, with not a crude joke in sight. The awareness of the genre and satire of classical vampire culture and society in general is top notch. The star of the film was easily the character portrayed by Taika Waititi –without whom the film probably would have been a bit too dry. If you like The Office and similarly irreverent humor, then What We Do in the Shadows is probably for you.