We know, you are like totally over the whole 'zombie' thing. Well, Warm Bodies is not a zombie movie, so simmer down and get ready to laugh.

Two star-crossed lovers from opposing houses, one a zombie and the other, well…not, go against the societal norms of the zombie apocalypse and form a relationship in Warm Bodies.

Being undead is a real drag, wandering around aimlessly, unable to remember anything about being alive, conflicted and lonely. Quirky doesn’t even begin to describe Warm Bodies. Based on Isaac Marion‘s novel of the same title, Warm Bodies is a zombie tale from the zombie perspective in a hilarious and original fashion. The jokes are dry and odd and put a spin on the humdrum aspects of real life. The re-imagination of the zombie apocalypse through the infected’s eyes is fresh and innovative.

Nicholas Hoult is R, R because that is all he can remember from his old life and human name. Oh yeah, did we mention R is the star of the film and a zombie? Just as the tagline of the film states, he is dead but he is getting warmer. Only Hoult could play a flesh eating zombie and make the audience feel the character’s humanity. With subtle nuances in posture and glances, Hoult is entertainingly laugh-out-loud funny.

“It’s the end of the world as we know it” seems to be a theme with movies in recent times, doesn’t leave much hope for the future. But Warm Bodies leaves a lot of hope for the zombie genre, and puts the quintessential period on the subject. Warm Bodies is an inventive modern take on a Shakespearean tale with lighthearted humor and steadfast vision.