Written by Amy Schumer with inspirations from her stand up comedy and her real life, Trainwreck is irreverently funny but completely sincere.

Amy is a monogamy-challenged magazine writer living and working in New York. She’s pretty rad, and bags men often, but even though she feels pretty great about herself, something isn’t working. When she’s tasked to write about a sports doctor to the stars Aaron Conners (Bill Hader), she surprisingly finds herself attracted to him, in more than just a one and done kind of way.

You might think Trainwreck is going to be a raunchy comedy centered around sex, dick and vagina jokes, but it is way way more than that. Read on to find out:

There is so much gold in Trainwreck, you almost don’t know where to begin. Amy Schumer must be a creative and comedic genius to not only write a screenplay that Judd Apatow would want to direct, write parts and scenes that were so funny that she had the pick of the litter in terms of comedic actors, have a crystal clear story to bind everything together.

John Cena, Lebron James, Tilda Swinton, Ezra Miller are just some of the famous faces in Trainwreck. And don’t worry, they don’t partake in tired token cameos. No, they are highlights in some of the funniest scenes in the movie! Seriously, Cena and Miller, where did you come from and please come back!

It all comes down to Amy Schumer’s writing. Of course, it will be offensive to the faint of heart – but why anyone who is easily offended would try watching this film is beyond me. Schumer takes a stab at funerals, cunnilingus, gerontology and makes refreshing jokes on all fronts.

This is still an Apatow production, so it feels very much like all of his other films. And yes, the humor is very similar to Schumer’s stand up – but it is hilarious and so appreciated!