The Nut Job is everything that is wrong with animated films made to cash in on adolescence without bothering to add substance, heart or charm.

Released in the dead zone of January, The Nut Job follows a self-serving squirrel in a city park as he attempts to raid a nut store for the biggest food haul of his life.

The Nut Job is a deplorable film because it exploits the childhood market for financial gains without even bothering to be a decent movie. Children will most likely laugh at the oodles of hurt-gags and fart jokes but that is the extent of the cheap humor, dialogue and story. The plot stumbles around with no sense of clear though, it is rough, boring, messy and lacks any and all charm typical of a truly good animated film.

The characters are irredeemably underdeveloped and have no sense of camaraderie. Will Arnett voices the selfish anti-protagonist and a slew of other celebrities also earn a paycheck lending their voice to this pathetic excuse for a movie. Katherine Heigl, Liam Neeson, Maya Rudolph, and Brendan Fraser voice the blandly basic personalities in animal form.

Overall The Nut Job is a waste of a film that even babysitters wishing to save their sanity by popping a DVD in to satiate the most unmanageable children should avoid. By the end of the year there are plenty of animated alternatives released in 2014 that are well made.