Sony should thank the thoughtful hackers who brought so much publicity and marketing to The Interview that it guaranteed this average comedy to be a smash.

This may sound conspiratorial but perhaps the hacking scandal associated with Sony and focusing on The Interview is the newest form of marketing to hit society.

James Franco is celebrity tabloid show host Dave Skylark of “Skylark Tonight” run by producer Aaron Rapoport, played by Seth Rogen. Rapoport hopes to up the quality meter of his hit news show by reporting real news and not the junk stories that typically garner their viewers. Skylark and Rapoport decide they should interview one of their number one fans, the infamous North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. When North Korea agrees the CIA hopes to capitalize on this once in a lifetime opportunity into Pyongyang and make the trip an assassination.

The premise behind The Interview is quite original, and certainly hasn’t been done in recent times. Besides that though, everything about the comedy is the exact same as any other Rogen film. Amusing? Sure. But Amazeballs and memorable? Nope, not a chance.

James Franco creates an especially ridiculous and engaging character as do the writers of the film in their creative-libertied take on Kim Jong-un. Beyond that there is really very little to say about the film. The Interview is funny but you won’t laugh and original but horrendously tired. One thing The Interview is, is underwhelming and forgettable. If you must watch it, just look for a killer final scene.