You know what we need? Another found footage film" - no one ever

Within 2 minutes of watching The Gallows I didn’t care about the story or the characters at all. And after 5 minutes you couldn’t pay me to care about anything in regards to the film.

Loosely, the plot of The Gallows is as follows: twenty years after a high school play goes horribly wrong and an accident leaves a student dead, students resurrect the play to honor the anniversary of the tragedy. Four kids go back to school at night, and that is when things go wrong.

The Gallows is a flimsy excuse at a horror movie plot, and everything about it is pathetically contrived. The lore is pathetic, the characters behave irrationally and are terribly one dimensional. To top it all off, The Gallows is a ‘found footage’ film and is unwatchably shaky.

With this type of film, and given the quality of the material, it is no wonder that the actors are also pretty bad, not horrible, but far from ‘good.’ They moan and whine and whimper as the shadowy figure lurks and attacks for no good reason. Not all of the blame can be put on the actors, for the dialogue is partially responsible. It is written so forced and unnatural that it is impossible to believe these are lines from a standard high schooler. It is a puzzlement that The Gallows actually managed to be greenlit from the screenplay alone, let alone get distribution when this garbage was produced.

But hey, a broken clock is right two times a day, so maybe The Gallows will have some worthy scares so it is not completely possible. Unfortunately, this is a misguided hope that needs to be squashed. The Gallows relies on simple horror and the majority of the time I was laughing at the supposed ‘scares’.