In a horror movie, there is only one person to be, the final girl, and if you and your friends are trapped in an 80’s slasher flick that won’t let you leave, you stick by that girl even if your mom is in the film.

The whole premise is for The Final Girls is incredibly original, to the point where we almost can’t believe that no one thought of it until now. Then again, the basic premise is that a daughter of a has-been B-movie actress who died gets sucked into the film she couldn’t live down called Camp Bloodbath, which happens to be a campy slasher horror. Why would anyone come up with that?

The Final Girls is one of those weird films that is a satire but it takes its portrayal of the parent material very seriously. Evident in the script written by M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller is a supreme appreciation of the slasher genre, especially Friday the 13th. At no point does The Final Girls come across as overly critical or bashing of the genre, it is in fact the sincerest homage and nod of respect to the movie type.

As a piece of cinema, The Final Girls screams California made, crafted by those aspiring industry professionals who claim to understand the art. And while the director Todd Strauss-Schulson nails the campy 80’s vibe, his basic grasp of editing leaves something to be desired. Several times through out the film, a loop or joke lasts a beat too long where your interest starts to wane. This doesn’t happen often, maybe three or four times throughout the film, but enough to become distracting.

Those minor hiccups in The Final Girls’ execution are all but forgotten thanks to the killer cast led by Taissa Farmiga. Seriously, there are so many friendly faces in this film, it makes you wonder if other indie films would’ve done better if they lucked out with a cast like this. Each actor brings life to the character that might otherwise be a hollow trope. Then there are the actors playing the beloved camp counselors who are unaware that they are just movie characters from Camp Bloodbath. Adam DeVine and Angela Trimbur steal the show, and are so poignantly hilarious that every scene involving them springs to life.

The Final Girls has a little bit of everything for everyone, it has gore and camp for B-movie aficionados, it has a story for narrative sticklers, it has laughs for those that have to have comedy. Everyone should enjoy this fiendish film!