The Boy Next Door is one of those horrid films that one mustn't ever watch, or else risk damaging one's soul.

There are some films that never see the light of day, unfortunately The Boy Next Door was not one of those films, but boy, it should have been!

Jennifer Lopez plays a mother and wife named Claire whose husband has a tenacity for secretaries. With her marriage on the rocks, her best friend and co-worker Vicky (Kristin Chenoweth) implores her to explore the single life. Vicky didn’t mean sleeping with the hot twenty year old named Noah (Ryan Guzman) that moves next door, and things get complicated when he shows up at her work place – the local high school. Even more problematic is he is a burgeoning psychopath.

The Boy Next Door has all the makings of a cheap knock off made for television or straight to VHS. You know it is going to be a train-wreck when screenwriter Barbara Curry lays out the most nonsensical first five minutes of a film to set up the entirety of the ‘thrills’. Curry’s unoriginality is marvelously overwhelming with one ridiculous cliche after another (cheating husband, troubled marriage, loner kid, orphaned/troubled hottie…seriously, name one and it’s here). Apparently mood building and suspense is not in her forte as emotions and events jump erratically to debilitating ludicrosity.

The Boy Next Door has the intent to be a Fatal Attraction for the females but without interesting characters or plausible plot it is just junk-cinema and fails superbly. The film is so horrid it is difficult to tell who is most responsible, writer, editor or actors, for all involved with this project are truly terrible.