Seventh Son is a middle of the road feature, and you can take it or leave it, fantasy fans will take it and everyone else will leave it.

Seventh Son reads as fanfic, not even a particularly poor one at that, it’s just so uninspired and at times caricaturized that it never manages to be anything more than uninspired fantasy drivel.

Apparently based loosely off a book by Joseph Delaney, Seventh Son follows a a master fighter of the dark arts (called Spooks) as he wards off witches and evil spirits, hopefully for good with his most recent apprentice Thomas, who he hopes will live long enough to pick up the trade.

Even for the unknown film goer, something about Seventh Son doesn’t seem copacetic, as if the typical Hollywood bludgeoning of creative material is in store, and it appears valid. There are cliche archetypes and interrelationships between characters and even the conflict in store for our characters is lame. The word that constantly comes to mind as you ruminate over the film is ‘uninspired’ which is a common complaint for films these days, but never more so applicable than with Seventh Son.

The actors do a fine job in each of their roles, though Jeff Bridges is rather comical with his underbitten performance.  Which wouldn’t be a bad thing were it not for his eerily reminiscent performance in RIPD, down to the facial hair and scowl.

Voracious devourers of fantastical lore and the ComicCon scene will probably like it, but besides that niche audience I can’t see this film being worthy of a glance.