Regular Show: it's anything but.

So get this, there’s this show called “Regular Show” that is about the friendship of a raccoon named Rigby and a blue jay named Mordecai and all the zany antics these two cause with their slackerdom. Recipe for success, I know right?! So of course it had to get its own movie. Yeaaaaaaaaah!

Regular Show as a television series is fine for kids but better for tweens and young adults. It isn’t serious, it’s crazy with episodes about things being sent to the moon or crazy video game monsters. So it makes perfect sense that the film would have us fans see Mordecai and Rigby trying to save the universe from defeating their evil ex-volleyball coach from his time traveling plans.

In comparison to a normal episode, The Movie is about triply as long as a standard episode, which are painfully short. Some of the magic of the show is the fact that a standard episode is just 20 minutes long so it always leaves you wanting more. With that said, there was a bit concern for the 60 minute film – what if my mind grew bored? what if the show isn’t really that good and its flaws are obvious in the film? what if Mordecai and Rigby are no longer friends? Obviously, I have some anxiety issues, all of which were placated by the fun and entertaining film.

In terms of the aesthetic comparison, the plot and look of the movie is on par with a normal episode but tweaked ever so slightly. Its plot is slightly more dramatic to inject twists and turns to warrant its extra length. The animation is also elevated to be a bit cleaner.

There was one noticeable change in the movie versus the show and that was my reaction to it. I was amused but didn’t laugh nearly as much as there seemed to be less comedy overall. Perhaps it was the focus on Skips, Benson, Pops, Muscle Man, and Hi-Five Ghost trying to stop 80s Rigby and 80s Mordecai. Perhaps there wasn’t as much comedy because the movie had our protagonists trying to save the day rather than save their hides. Whatever the cause, I still liked the movie nonetheless. (Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!)

Thanks Cartoon Network for giving a crazy show like this a chance, and thank you even more for giving them the opportunity to succeed so that they even get to make a movie. It is fun, light and still true to itself. Know what I’m sayiiiiiiin?!