Fine for a sequel but missing that special 'it factor' spark

The Barden Bellas are back to reclaim their Aca-glory and redeem themselves by clinching the international Worlds A Cappella championship title in Pitch Perfect 2.

Second verse, same as the first! After an embarrassing performance by the collegiate singing group of Barden University, they must revamp themselves to defeat their rivals.

Sigh, unfortunately fans are not delivered a worthy successor despite the world wind success of the original Pitch Perfect. Unfortunately for the minds behind the Bellas’ sequel though, we fans know it is possible, thanks to the amazing 22 Jump Street‘s success in innovation.

Pitch Perfect is a worn out sequel, nothing more nothing less. The jokes are less funny, the story is less compelling, and we even get the token celebrity cameos! Even the musical numbers are poorly done and uninspired. Speaking most to the film’s inability to re-energize the narrative is the lackluster performance of those that made the first film great, Anna Kendrick and Skylar Astin.

Pitch Perfect 2 has too much missing, it features the least entertaining actors the most and prematurely upgrades JV roles to varsity; primarily new characters and Fat Amy. I guess the magic of the film was in the story created by the novel written by Mickey Rapkin.   Screenwriter Kay Cannon can not stay afloat without Rapkin as the ideas man and her lack of creativity and talent shows.  Cannon’s screenplay uses the comedy of the first film in a completely exhausted manner to the point of being utterly unfunny.

The direction by Elizabeth Banks is completely fine in comparison to the first’s director Jason Moore, but bearably basic at best. Her subtlety for incorporating corporate sponsors into scenes needs some work, we are looking at you Volkswagen and CoverGirl. She also holds shots on herself a beat too long, where the scene begins to feel overacted and awkward.

The original Pitch Perfect had a fire and fun to it, a group of misfits coming together and kicking aca-ass. I urged my boyfriend to watch it, promising that it was hilarious and not your average ‘chick-flick’ and he wasn’t disappointed. This film however, will not be suggested, to anyone, unless they already plan on watching it.

In the end, I left the theater longing I had simply re-watched the DVD of the first film than waste my money on a ticket for the recent release.