With so many parts in play, Odd Thomas should not work as well as it does, and that is thanks in part to the stellar acting and casting of this Dean Koontz adaptation.

Odd Thomas, and yes that is his real name, leads an interesting yet ordinary life, with the exception of one secret: he has paranormal abilities. He tries to keep this hidden, but when a stranger in town brings with him a slew of ghostly bodachs (predators that feed on pain and foreshadow carnage and bloodshed) he is the only one who can see and therefore stop it.

Anyone who has read a Dean Koontz novel will recognize the style immediately in this film. A bit dramatic and twisty for the sake of suspense, Odd Thomas integrates many sub-genres into this fantastical mystery. With paranormal baddies, ghosts of the whispering persuasion, and an unknown terrorist plot, Odd Thomas should not work as well as it does. And yet, it is entertaining and gripping and downright fun.

Much of the success of Odd Thomas is thanks to the casting of well known faces known for acting and up and comers trying to make a name for themselves. Anton Yelchin brings a vibrancy to Odd making him feel like a  real life person. And what is a protagonist without a paramour? Addison Timlin matches Yelchin’s energy and their soul mate love affair transcends the screen. The supporting cast is also equally successful at bring fully formed characters and tons of chemistry into the film in a believable manner.

Odd Thomas is fast paced and engaging, with an entire fantastical world explained flawlessly with the rest of the exposition. And what is a thriller without a few twists? Viewers will travel with Odd as he desperately tries to deduce and stop the imminent mass casualty that looms in his sleepy California town. This film is surprisingly more entertaining than initially expected though may be more of a hit with the younger crowd.