Bald headed children with jaundice!

Call us crazy, but we love the Minions, so much so that we aren’t even a little mad that Gru’s sidekicks from Despicable Me got their own film.

Since the dawn of time there have been itty-bitty yellow beings known as Minions looking for an evil villain to serve. After various wicked masters fail to live…up to expectations, Bob, Kevin and Stuart venture out into the world in the 1960s to find their most despicable master.

The Minions film is exactly what you would expect from these gibberish speaking quirky little fellows.  And in that regard, there really isn’t much to say. They get into crazy conundrums but their odd antics always end up working in their favor, somehow. There’s plenty of silly humor to keep the kiddies giggling, but the jokes aren’t completely idiotic so that adults might enjoy themselves as well. The plot does lose a lot of steam once the Minions encounter Scarlett Overkill and pursue villainous adventure in England.

I might be biased here because I’ve been speaking the exact same dialect of Minionese since before I even knew Minions existed, but I can totally get down with these crazy dudes.  Not a break out hit like its 2010 predecessor, the third film of the franchise that delves into prequel territory is still surprisingly charming and funny enough to satisfy audiences.