A visceral and awe-inspiring masterpiece of Odyssean proportions.

George Miller‘s Mad Max: Fury Road is a culmination of over thirty years worth of a vivid creative vision into a magnificent, spectacular and awe-inspiring masterpiece. Not since Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight have we left the theater exclaiming “I want to watch it again!

From the same lucid and resplendent apocalyptic wasteland as Miller’s 1979 Mad Max – the landscape of Fury Road is a palpable physical manifestation of a world eviscerated by war. The barren desert lays way to a humanity re-built from that arid destruction as it battles to survive. Fury Road’s story is wholly original and separate from the plots of its predecessors but deserved at their sides. Mad Max: Fury Road is the story of Max (Tom Hardy) and Furiosa (Charlize Theron),and their encountered perils searching for salvation. A search in a desert wilderness where savagery stems from the vestiges of primal necessity.

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Upon opening on the first photographically framed scene, Mad Max: Fury Road dramatically propels forward at an increasingly accelerating velocity, knocking audience members forcefully into the backs of their plush cinema seats. An onslaught of decisive and visceral action displays the narrative at hand with purposeful glory.

This ability to derive story from action is proof of Mad Max residing at the pinnacle of great storytelling. From our heroes and their beastly rides to the extras with a lifespan of a few seconds, each character was immensely textured and filled with intriguing detail. Fury Road naturally and effortlessly creates compelling characters and a complex alternative world, all the while taking the audience on a truly immersive ride. We wouldn’t be surprised to see George Miller’s Fury Road studied for years to come in film lectures and art schools.

For those who have no interest in seeing the film, we at least dare you to go for Rosie Huntington-WhiteleyAbbey LeeZoë KravitzCourtney Eaton or Riley Keough. Not that these mavens are exploited for their beauty, just whatever it takes to get you in a seat and watching this film. So that you too can experience the pleasant event of having your face melted by its twisted metal glory.

At the end of the two hour saga, with pounding symphonic score to match, audience members are left rejuvenated and euphoric from the after glow of a truly mind-blowing experience. This is what film making and film viewing is supposed to be; this is the massive ability of the cinema. George Miller‘s Mad Max: Fury Road will go down in history as one of the most effective film experiences of all time. My sympathy goes to the aspiring directors whose projects must follow this epic cinematic accomplishment.

Pro Tip: We watched the film for a second time, this time in 3D and recommend you avoid it in this capacity – it completely cheapens the film’s effectiveness and makes the action feel computer generated, when it is not.