Lily & Kat drips with Generation Z cynicism from its directorial style, to its characters, to the hopeless insignificance of it all.

Ridiculously current and screaming of 2015, Lily & Kat is a film about the relationship of two New York City females.

As a film, there is not much to the highly unfocused plot nor is there any redeeming qualities in the reprehensibly self indulgent lead characters Lily or Kat. Loosely, Lily & Kat is about Lily (Jessica Rothe) as she comes to grips with her life as a nightlife hopping fashion grad turned near adult. Kat (Hannah Murray) is her best friend, a Brit with no aspirations who decides to drop Lily and Manhattan and return to her roots in London.

As a film viewer, I can be quite forgiving of incorrigibly lazy and delinquent characters. In fact sometimes I even welcome it, as long as there is the balance of an impacting story or original conflict, which there is not. Micael Preysler fails to examine and explore the girls’ relationships in any facet besides showcasing the events during Kat’s final week in the States. The narrative is as empty as the characters themselves lacking wit and insight.

Lily & Kat showcases everything that is wrong with New York City nowadays. Lily and Kat incessantly whine and boast with conceited ramblings of their pretentiously grandiose stories about their insignificant lives, constant club hopping and drug taking from boredom.  Again, there is no problem with that in itself, I am a huge fan of Party Monster and other movies with similar characters, its just Lily & Kat is terribly superficial and clearly a freshmen attempt at film making.