When you're a fan of B-movies and you come across a horror film titled Killer Mermaid, you don't think, you scramble for the remote and hit play.

Netflix has really upped its game in terms of supplying an ample variety of B-movies on its repertoire. So it should be no surprise that a Serbian film called Mamula…I mean Nymph…I mean Killer Mermaid would make itself available.

As a B-movie, Killer Mermaid had a lot of potential going for itself: a cheeky poster highlighting the audience’s interest for B-movies by showcasing a killer mermaid, grade C horror pedigree from its lead actress Kristina Klebe, and an awareness in teasing the viewer to keep them watching until the very end. True, the very end wasn’t that great by any means but you have to hand it to the director Milan Todorovic and writers Marko Backovic, Barry Keating and Milan Konjevic – I stuck it until the credits stopped. Not just that, Killer Mermaid managed to bait three unsuspecting roommates into warming up a seat on the couch and watching with.

Two American girls are vacationing in Montenegro when they meet up with an old friend and his fiance. Up for any adventure, the group of four meets another traveler and they go exploring a long abandoned monstrous castle off the coast. But something isn’t right, they aren’t alone and the group appears to have stumbled upon the cause for all those missing tourists – but they could never have imagined the unspeakable truth behind the horror.

I can only imagine the makers of this film getting together to conspire to make this film. Setting the film in the Mediterranean and filming in Montenegro is envy-inducing genius. Seriously, I hope the film was somehow sponsored by the tourism bureau of that vacation spot because it’s added to my list of ‘must-visits’. There’s drinking, dancing, death scenes involving boobs and that’s all within the first twenty minutes, I swoon!

But that is where the fun ends unfortunately. Sorry folks, but Killer Mermaid falls incredibly short of delivering. Once the characters start exploring Mamula, the name of the abandoned military fortress located on a remote island, the fun and suspense ends there – except in the form of blind stupidity on behalf of the characters. Though the reveal of the killer mermaid is adequate and not disappointed, it doesn’t quite live up to its potential, as the rest of the film quickly follows suit. The makers then do the unconscionable, decide to take the film sorta-seriously and bypassing the fun tone of the beginning of the film.

The scares are minimal and infuriatingly imbecilic, thanks to the completely illogical actions of the surviving characters. The story becomes more convoluted, as expected with B-movies, but then the movie lasts twenty minutes longer passing by numerous opportunities to call cut – despite the fact that my whole viewing group did. Though I don’t think B-movie fans will be disappointed in Killer Mermaid, I just don’t think it has that ability to garner a lasting impression.