As a case study and glimpse behind the curtain of the amateur porn world, Hot Girls Wanted is an interesting and captivating tale. As a documentary, however, it lacks the scope and comprehension to delve deeper into the subject on a grander, more impactful scale.

Premiering at Sundance Film Festival this year, audiences were a-buzz by the sensational subject matter and taken aback by the rare and untold story of how young girls barely out of high school find themselves in the adult film industry.

The candor and frankness of the girls whose stories we are told in this documentary is shocking in its nonchalance. We learn that the normal career span of a ‘barely-18’ porn star is three to six months. And when their time runs out after engaging in more fetishized and abuse oriented videos, a new crop of ‘talent’ is swiftly found with yesterday’s Craigslist advertisement.

The disposable nature in which these girls are treated in this microcosm of the porn industry is concerning and disheartening. And yet, the shock and outrage quickly dissipates as the documentary progresses and we spend more and more time in the sheltered environment. Most of this information should be old news to anyone who knows anything about the porn industry, and Hot Girls Wanted may only be illuminative to the most naive viewer.

With no greater consequences of the potentially dangerous amateur porn occupation these girls expose themselves to, Hot Girls Wanted is merely an interesting film that sheds light on the subject. Film viewers will feel for the girls, but also be frustrated by their foolishness, and without any greater significance, will forget the film.