The animated film Home takes the humor back for the children in a completely Kids Only comedy.

Sorry adults, you’ll just have to watch something else or deal with it, because Dreamworks’ Home is not trying to please anyone but the kiddies.

The Boovs are taking to Earth and relocate the humans to human habitats in little bubbles up in the sky so as to take over the land for their own home. Oh, a misfit alien who is alien to his own Boovs makes a mistake that risks all Boov-kind by nearly alerting the evil Gorgs of their whereabouts. Oh decides to run away and finds Tip, with whom he embarks on a most excellent adventure. Together they travel around the planet in search of safety, family, friends and Home.

This animated film is definitely a kid movie with kid humor, an example being the human character’s name being Gratuity, with Tip as a nickname, with no explanation or back story. Home is very enjoyable and friendly for children of all ages but is not an animated film so stellar as to bridge the age gap and also be a film adults will want to watch, like other Dreamworks pictures.

In being a comedic animated film for kids of all ages, Home keeps the jokes kind of on the repetitive side so as to be appropriate for the super youngsters. Further, there is no grand story to potentially cause confusion for the little ones as the follow Boov and girl across the land. The relationship between Oh and Tip is cute, humorous and light – with even the conflicts they encounter airing on the trifling side. Their interactions are insubstantial but endearing.

Most humorous for the adults chaperoning this movie day for the little ones will be the way in which Boovs experience human things and their language. Boovs speak a dialect of English all sorts of out of order, and the children will certainly be imitating it when the credits roll, asking:

“Can I come into the Out now?!”