Fede Alvarez had close to no prior directorial portfolio besides a few short films but that didn't stop him from making one of the best horror films I've seen in decades.

There was a ton of speculation  surrounding this flick amongst the horror forums for fans. Director Fede Alvarez had close to no prior directorial portfolio besides a few short films but that didn’t stop him from making one of the best horror films I’ve seen in decades. Grab the popcorn and turn out the lights, I hope you’re squeamish.

Evil Dead opens by inducing a series of questions like: “Who is this girl?”, “Why is she running in the woods?”, “What’s she running from?” and “Oh man, are they going to show me the end at the beginning? I hate that crap!”. Don’t fret, it’s a prologue and a pretty sweet one at that.

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You’ll soon realize that the girl is being chased for good reason after she is thrust violently to the ground and held hostage by her family. I won’t get into too much detail, but this introductory scene is intense, graphic, and just plain awesome. The prologue scene ends with a bang and the title screen shrieks like a banshee in a way that sets the mood for what’s to come.

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Now that your palms are all sweaty you can prepare yourself for all the things the original Evil Dead films gave us, but in a new and actually horrific film.

Our story begins with a group of young friends who you’ll soon realize haven’t exactly been as close in recent time. David, played by Shiloh Fernandez, is a young mechanic joining forces with his friends to help with the voluntary intervention of his heroin-addicted sister Mia, played by Jane Levy. It’s not long before things start to go bad when Eric, played by Lou Taylor Pucci, finds a book and curiosity does it’s thing. For the remainder of the film we are bombarded with unique and horrific methods of conjuring up fear that will have even fans of the genre cringing and squirming.

Everything is delivered with The Evil Dead‘s extreme excess that we know and love but holds out on the slapstick comedy that made you feel safe enough to watch it. This movie will mess with you, and the practical effects make you really feel like you are watching something timeless.Everyone knows about that moment in a decent movie when CGI just ruins it; well worry not my friends because every little bit of torn flesh and vomited blood was done practically and man was it worth the work Fede Alvarez and his team put in. The climax of the film is like nothing I’ve ever seen before in the genre. It was epic, elaborate and unforgiving. We’ve all seen escape scenes before but nothing compares to the beautifully flawed survival attempts by our heroes, each one ending more violently than the next.

Ultimately, this film is one of the best planned and well executed horror films in recent memory. I have almost no complaints about this picture except for one punchy line delivery in the beginning of the film. This has honestly set the bar at a new tier entirely for the genre. If more directors could take pride in their craft and set out to make movies like this then the future of horror looks promising.

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