The television show about a group of friends navigating the scape of Hollywood that captivated audiences for seven years finally gets its movie, four years after it went off the air.

So what does a person, who has never seen the show, doesn’t know the characters, doesn’t know their history or antics, and has nothing to go off except the movie, think of the film Entourage?

Read on to find out:

To put our review simply, we don’t quite get it. Entourage doesn’t really have much of a plot, except the efforts of Ari Gold to get a movie directed by Vince Chase funded and finally produced. The trio of buffoons follow Vince occasionally, but the film itself actually focuses more on the medley of life events of Drama, Turtle and Eric.

I could see how the story of some schmucks from Queens hustling and learning the ropes in Los Angeles would be fun and entertaining. Parties, sex, drugs, money and movie, all of it makes for good television. But in the film, these characters have reached the pinnacle of success.

Their efforts, trials and tribulations have paid off and all of the characters almost seem bored by the Hollywood schtick. True, there are some mildly entertaining sub-plots involving Ronda Rousey and a rich-hick buffoon played by Haley Joel Osment, but all in all, unaware audiences will not be impressed.