Big Hero 6 is a cute animated film that will make you smile, even if it has one of the most unoriginal and worn out plots ever to exist in film.

Set in the far future in the city of San Fransokyo is the setting for the Disney film Big Hero 6.

Hiro Hamada is fourteen years old, he is also a prodigy. That is a bit of an understatement – he is a super wiz kid genius with a knack for robotics who graduated high school at the age of thirteen and even for the future, that’s impressive.

Hiro is smart which means one thing – he is bored and getting into trouble! His older and smart brother Tadashi wants to keep Hiro out of trouble. So, he piques Hiro’s interest by showing him his work, a super high tech and innovative science lab at a top university. While there, Tadashi shows Hiro his latest creation: an inflatable marshmallow shaped health aide robot named Baymax.  After a series of events, Hiro must turn to Baymax for help and in the process befriends the robot and a team of Tadashi’s friends.

The star of Big Hero 6 is Baymax and only Baymax. The robotic puff ball that is only concerned about its owners well being is the only original device in the entirety of Big Hero 6. He is sweet, funny and his character dynamic plays well with the protagonist Hiro’s predicament. It’s like the film’s creators had an Idiot’s Guide to Animated Films and followed the How-To in Chapter 3. The characters, the story, erry-thing is done and done better in an earlier animated film.

Of course, children won’t notice these glaring flaw of the film though the adults who pay for the tickets will and it will suck the fun out of the experience. And Big Hero 6 is a fun film, as are most formulaic films – you check enough boxes to satisfy audiences then you are bound to make something ‘okay.’