Jesse Eisenberg is the unlikely star in American Ultra, and while he and his leading lady Kristen Stewart do their best, the script isn’t enough to make the film more than okay.

Mike Howell is a diminutive stoner who, when not working at the local Cash and Carry, spends his time doodling and daydreaming. His girlfriend Phoebe takes care of him, but not for long because Mike is sleeper asset who is unknowingly activated when he is marked by the government for termination.

The idea or goal for the fun of American Ultra is watching a stoner buddy flip a switch and go 007 on the baddies. And, there are those moments, nearly all of which are featured in the trailer for the film. The other part of the fun is the unlikeliest of actors playing a special agent, and he does a masterful job of kicking some serious ass in unique manners.

A film needs a story, of course, it can’t just be smoking weed and blowing stuff up, but half way through the film it shifts focus far too much to the narrative groundwork and loses the fun. In that regard, it is far inferior to the peers it hopes to emulate, like Pineapple Express. American Ultra is a bit too serious at times, a bit too covert operations, and not enough comedy.

American Ultra is fine for a one time watch with your pals, especially if they bring with them some green. Regardless, it will be quickly forgotten among the myriad films released year after year.