Hannah Fidell writes and directs her third feature film 6 Years, a film about the youngest love and what happens when it arrives at a pivotal crossroads.

We all know someone or have experienced that first love, it feels ideal and true, almost too much so, and 6 Years examines that relationship when the persons in the relationship begin to evolve.

6 Years could not be more indie in content if it tried. Okay, that’s a bold faced lie, but it is very ‘indie’. It has a mundane but appreciable quality in its grasp on real and un-exaggerated relationship dynamics. The events that transpire are unremarkable but contain weight and merit in their impact on the couple, Dan and Mel. Mundane is not necessarily bad, however those wishing to use cinema as a form of escapism should look elsewhere.

Both Hannah Fidell’s writing and the performances of Taissa Farmiga and Ben Rosenfield make 6 Years incredibly engaging and honest. The characters are flawed, neither innocent as their relationship becomes increasingly volatile, and at times they can be purely irredeemable. Their emotions are pure and some more elder actors might learn a thing or two from these gifted talents.

Less experienced independent film watchers tend to have a problem with complex characters who exist rather than trying to win over the audience. Further, when it comes down to the plot and drama in the film, it is quite youthful in its simplicity. Twenty-somethings should be able to see themselves in the film and appreciate its sincere approach to love and relationships.