The guys are at it again, this time they are going to college!

21 Jump Street is back in the house, Jenko and Schmidt barely made it through high school unscathed. So, of course, this time they are taking on college. The undercover division is under a new name though, rent is expensive and Korean Jesus is popping so the department moves across the road to 22 Jump Street and embraces another Jesus.

Otherwise, take 21 Jump Street, ctrl+C, ctrl+V and voila the film 22 Jump Street is here. Do not worry though, this is not your stereotypical second film in a franchise. Actually, that is a blatant lie, and that is what makes this film so much fun. Writers Michael Bacall, Oren Uziel and Rodney Rothman take the stale premise of a sequel and rev it up to an eleven and run with it full force.

The story plays up the justifiably cringe worthy potential in the film and mocks it with a meta tone that audiences should recognize and enjoy. 22 Jump Street manages to do all the things a bad sequel accomplishes but it is fresh, funny, original and entertaining. There were plenty of moments where the audience I was viewing the film with literally screamed at the screen from shock and absorption.

I watched this film when I was in desperate need to get lost in an entertaining movie where I could laugh. I got far more than I could have bargained for. Ice Cube is utilized to even more hilarious effect and the supporting cast somehow is just as good, if not better. Special commendation to the returning cast members and newbs The Lucas Brothers and Wyatt Russell for being enjoyable

22 Jump Street is laugh out loud funny and a delightful comedy that fits the bill. I can not understand how anyone who liked the first film could possibly be disappointed in this wonderful sequel.